WICSmart Education


What Is WICSmart?

WICSmart is an online nutrition education module that you can take on the go!  Log in from anywhere on any device to complete your sessions.  You can even save your lessons and resume later when you have time.

Steps To Complete Your WIC Smart Appointment

STEP 1:   Click HERE to add your child’s 8 digit WIC ID Number and click LOGIN

STEP 2:   Choose your preferred language

STEP 3:   Choose ONLY ONE nutrition topic (ONE module is required even when you have more than one child on WIC Program)

STEP 4:   Click the green BEGIN button on the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts to complete your session.

You can let us know when you’ve completed your appointment!

Some Things To Remember...

WICSmart is for children 15 months and older that are at a low nutrition risk. It can be used up to two times in one year in place of your regular WIC follow up appointment.

You will need your child's member ID (not your household ID) to login.